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The Gold Detectors Tanzania Online Shop came about due to an increased demand for quality Gold Detectors in Tanzania. We recognized the difficulties Tanzanians have in trying to buy Gold Detectors in Tanzania. Our MISSION is to: Make it easy for all Tanzanians to buy Gold Detectors. Bring the worlds leading Gold Detector brands to Tanzania. Offer quality Gold Detectors at an affordable price. Enable Tanzanian's to enrich their lives and livelihoods by detecting Gold Nuggets that are plentiful in Tanzania.

We, therefore, offer FREE delivery on all Gold Detectors to Tanzania.

Our Gold Detectors for sale in Tanzania are manufactured by the worlds leading Gold Detector manufacturers. These are XP Metal & Gold Detectors with their best-seller, the XP ORX Gold Detector; and Nokta Makro Metal & Gold Detectors with their best-seller, the Nokta Makro Gold Kruzer Gold Detector.

There is a gold rush in Tanzania and owning a quality Gold Detector will enable Tanzanians to take advantage of this natural and profitable resource and in doing so, enriching their lives and livelihood.


  • Offer the very best Gold Detectors at an affordable price, for finding gold nuggets in Tanzania.
  • Make Gold Detectors easily accessible to Tanzanians.
  • Enable Tanzanians to transform and enrich their lives and livelihoods using the best available Gold Detectors and Gold Prospecting Equipment to tap into this natural resource.
  • Provide world-class backup, support and service to all our Gold Detector customers in Tanzania.

Gold Detectors Tanzania is supported by Metal Detectors South Africa (MDSA), South Africa's leading Metal and Gold Detector supplier, a sub-division of All Net Holdings (PTY) LTD.

MDSA is the official distributor for Nokta Makro Gold Detectors and XP Gold Detectors in South Africa with the rights to supply Southern African countries including Tanzania.

All Net Holdings (PTY) LTD is a registered South African company with registration number 2015/197272/07, VAT number: 4590273894 and Import/Export code: 21918838.

All products sold on the Gold Detectors Tanzania Website are imported directly from South Africa to Tanzania.

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